Go into just about any bookstore, whether an independent or chain store, and you won't find a pop culture section. The only exceptions I've seen are Virgin Megastores or Tower Books–but Tower has cut back on its books and Virgin stores are few and far between. Most bookstores scatter their pop culture books in sections like sociology, movies, music, even collectibles. Ah, for a store that specializes only in pop culture… Here, then, is a pop culture bookshelf , with purchase links to amazon.com. (PopCult does get a mysterious percentage of the click-through amazon.com sales.)

All of these book selections are PopCult approved–either personally read and enjoyed or slobbered on at the bookstore. Out Of Print titles will get blurbs and cover art as I find the time. This guide is NOT intended to be totally comprehensive; it will be an ever-growing list, so check back. Or if you'd like to suggest a title, use the PopCult hotline.



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