Hats OffCould Bobby Beatty be the world's foremost collector of novelty baseball caps?

Great ImpressionsAt Yee-Haw Industries, the fading art of the letterpress is brought into the 21st century.

Man of the WeirdFor over a decade, Chuck Shepherd has been dishing out "News of the Weird."

Bird ManMeet Neal Caldwell, the creator of the hard-bodied, plastic owl that revolutionized an industry.

Somebody's Fixin' to Get Their Ass WHUPPED! Forget the Jerky Boys. John Bean was the original and best phone prankster.

Elvis is Everywhere Twice a year, Elvis fans make their pilgrimages to Mecca/Memphis to mark his birth and/or death. Here's what they're like.

That's America! Charles Phoenix collects the lost vacation photos of '50s America—and displays them for your enjoyment.

The Great Infiltrator Going undercover for the sake of humanity, Harmon Leon investigates frightening pop culture.



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