Virtual PestOur working woman attempts to solve the biological urge to procreate by using digital offspring.

Indian Casino GamblingOhhh, the glitz, the glamour, the video poker that is Indian casino gaming…

Goad to Joy What happens when you try to follow the instructions in Life's Little Treasure Books.

Bedtime for GonzoOur man in Louisville tracks down the remains of gonzo godfather Hunter S. Thompson.

Perchance to Slime • One man's effort to exploit a small-town tragedy in the name of TV journalism.

The Buck Stops Here We send our female correspondent into a skanky small-town strip club. Here's what she saw.

Return to Roswell It's an invasion, all right—of bad dioramas at The International UFO Museum and Research Center.

My Mall Makeover All across our fair nation, people are discovering their true super-model selves at Glamour Shots.

Schtupperware! Our undercover agent pierces the veil of secrecy around suburban "marital aids" parties.

Cappuccino Crazy They invaded our gas stations under cover of night: instant cappuccino machines. We try almost all of them.

The Last Remains of "Confederama" Can "electromechanical maps" still appeal to the road-traveling masses?



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