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Finally, the inevitable question–why big breasts? Where did this mega-mammary obsession come from?

"Al Capp is the man who is responsible for that," says Meyer. "Lil’ Abner. All the women were drawn with large breasts–except for Grandma, of course. The men were muscular and stupid, which kind of works in my films. As a tad of 14 years of age, I used to draw his cartoons–but make the tits bigger."

Later, entranced by the strippers in burlesque shows, his fixation took root. Too shy to act on his impulses, it wasn’t until after his four years in the Army during World War II that he found the chutzpah to realize his desires. Eventually, of course, he combined this fetish with business and became a pinup photographer. Together with his wife, model, and business partner Eve, he created an empire based on glorifying the female breast.

These days, even well past retirement age, he continues to pursue his passions. When he’s not shooting spreads for Playboy or Japanese fashion magazines ("They’re really into these big ladies"), he’s overseeing his film empire. He sells all his films on videotape at his own web page, www.rmfilms.com, which also features such products as Faster, Pussycat! T-shirts. Recent film projects include two short-subjects for his video catalog, one featuring Pandora Peaks and the other his fiancee, Melissa Mounds– "Both spectacular women!"

And finally, he is about to release his much-delayed, three-volume autobiography, A Clean Breast–The Life and Loves of Russ Meyer. "I’m in the process of driving a man down into the earth like a tent peg, a bad guy who has held it up," he says. (It is now available for $150 at his official website.)

"The title was given to the work by Roger Ebert, who’s been a close confederate of mine through the years. Pretty good. It’s got 2,500 photographs. It’s a fuck and tell book–it’s not a kiss and tell. It’s very, very strong. It’s three volumes. And it’s good, very good."

With all his ongoing projects, Meyer says he’s too busy to take note of other films–not even bizarre, Meyer-esque productions such as the breast-filled Showgirls.

"No, I won’t see that," he says staunchly, committed to the end, "because the girls are built like ironing boards. If Meyer made it, they would all be casting long shadows."

Originally Published: September 28, 1995Metro Pulse

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