From Another World You've probably seen the classics of major-label weird album art—now look at the efforts made by small labels of the '50s and '60s, along with an introduction to the record-collector's mindset.

Crime Jazz (and assorted cool thrillers) In the '50s, jazz was used for movie and TV soundtracks probably more than in any other era.

For Adults Only! Venture into the erotic underworld of record albums not meant for children's ears.

Records From Beyond Space  Countdown to adventure as we explore the cosmos via vinyl.

Luscious Ladies of Vinyl In the '50s and '60s record labels marketed their albums by underhandedly putting beautiful women on their covers. It worked. Here are some of the most interesting LPs, both striking and shameless.

Assorted Album Oddities A potpourri of weird records that don't fit into the other categories.



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