MTV's Most Insulting ProgramsTeenagers have it hard enough as it is than to try and live up to these MTV shows.

America's Most Superfluous Yet Self-Important Magazines They're big, slick, expensive—and have zero actual content.

Coffee-Table Book Artists Who Market Their Gimmicks to Death God only knows how much money they make creating the same "artwork" year after year.

Movie Critics Who Will Shill for AnythingDoes anyone really believe their newspaper-ad quotes?

Unnecessary Guidebooks For Complete Idiots There are a few thousand of those how-to books for idiots. Here are the most idiotic.

Sport Utility Vehicles That Are Neither Sporty Nor Utilitarian Got a bad case of penis-envy and $50,000 to drop? Here are the trucks for you!

Crappy Movies That HBO Won't Stop Repeating "It's Not TV. It's a Bunch of Bad Movies From the '80s."

Useless "As Seen On TV" Products Products that you didn't know you needed—and you really don't.

The Most Embarrassing "Official" Celebrity Websites Testing even the patience of worshipful fans, these celebrity websites stink up the Internet.

VH1 "Divas" Who Don't Deserve the Title Not just anyone can be called a diva—unless you've got an in at VH1.

The Most Tasteless Porcelain Figurines People may indeed buy anything labeled "collectible," but why these?

Most Horrendous Rip-Offs of The Osbournes Soon, every faded celebrity will become famous for another 15 minutes.

Celebrity Trends That Never Actually Swept the Nation If Jay-Z wears designer flak jackets, does that mean we have to as well?

Celebrities We Never Wanted to See Naked Thank you, Playboy. Thank you for the brain-searing image of a naked Chyna.

Pop Singers Who Rename Themselves They may not be putting out good music, but—hey!—check out their new names!

Everyday Terrorist-Threat Supplies Yes, you can ward off biological weapons with little more than chewing gum and Glad bags!

Celebrity Memoirs Nobody Asked For Who knew there was such a huge market for tell-nothing memoirs by 3rd-rate celebrities?

Utterly Meaningless Award Shows What will win "Choice Greatest Reality Moment" this year? We can hardly wait.

Low-Carb Products From Hell What? You weren't aware that you'd have to cleanse your colon manually?

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