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While the PopCult e-mail bins are often filled to bursting with letters, most of them are missives from anxious money launderers in Zimbabwe. But we also receive many suggestions for websites to check out. While these sites often prove to be interesting in one way or another, most don't quite make it as "Website of the Week" material. I am ever searching for the right combination of graphics, content, appeal, uniqueness, and pop-culture relevancy, and that isn't easy to pull off. So, while many of these sites are indeed worthy in one or more aspects, I must beg the forgiveness of their webmasters for not writing them up.

But let the readers decide, I say! Here are the site suggestions as I received them. Hit those links and tell me what you think. Whichever site gets the most requests from PopCult readers will be designated the People's Choice Website of the Week with the same glorious Q&A interview. Which site would you like to learn more about?


Web site suggestion for your site

Tulsa TV Memories

Mike Ransom


Burke Family Grape-Nuts TV Commercial

Hey Coury:

Someone sent this link to me...

Thought it might be something you'd enjoy.



The Button Museum

I'm displaying all my buttons on the web before selling them on eBay.



I saw your fun site. . . you might like to check out ours at . . .

'The Double-D Avenger' is essentially the new Russ Meyer 'reunion movie' starring Kitten Natividad, Haji, Raven De La Croix, and Forrest J Ackerman.

It's been a success on VHS and DVD, and is now one of the top 20 'cult movie' sellers on

(Please note that 'The Double-D Avenger' is a Russ Meyer star 'reunion movie.' It is not directed by Mr. Meyer, nor associated with his company RM Films Int.)

william winckler



thanks for the plug on your site - very cool - if you haven't already check out Bonnie Burton's site,

Dan Forrer


Checked out your site and found it very enjoyable and entertaining. Will definitely link up from my sites at (The Journal of Junk Culture and Fringe Media) and (The Journal of Food, Drink, Travel and Fun).

Sign me up for the alerts and keep up the great work!

Dan Taylor


Coury feel free to check out my humble site influenced by drinking, books and punk rock. If you like it you may like my mix tape / zine that I send out occasionally. (Let me now where to send it) March-April 2002 has Versus, Guided by Voices, Hey Mercedes, Tom Daily, Number One Cup, Sarah Shannon, etc...

Thanks for your time

Dave Flores
Summit, Illinois

My site is at



A feature on Angelic Heaven ( creator, Mike Pingel who is best known for his Charlie's Angels site. (Now is a head of the new entertainment site The site which has been on line since 1996 is the #1 Charlie's Angels website and updates fans on what is going on with those heavenly Angels!



Why hello their fellow Pop Culture Junkie. My fetish is not books or magazines, but locations. I travel around the USA and Canada and stop at all those places your parents would never stop at, regardless of how much you screamed from the back seat, like the biggest ball of twine, or the worlds largest ketchup bottle.

Stop by take a look around and let me know what you think.

Preston A. Tyrrell

In the '80s, dark and mature graphic literature thrilled North American readers eager for something to reflect the more serious tone of modern life. Work like Alan Moore’s WATCHMEN, Frank Miller’s DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, and Neil Gaiman’s SANDMAN challenged the common view that ‘comics’ were just for kids.

Now, the web offers the opportunity for the medium to evolve. Enter "cinematic literature" — enter BROKEN SAINTS.

Hope you enjoy it!

Brooke Burgess


check out this website



Found yr mag while looking for found photo sites so's to add more links

to from my site:

Y'all got yrself swingin' thing here! I look frwrrd to more.



Why not us?! By the way, I love your site. Let me know if I can ever write anything for it!


Scott Thill


Just suggesting a site that might qualify as a pop culture item.


Please check it out and listen to some of the songs and read along with the lyrics on the music page. Pop culture references abound, like in songs "I Wanna Be An Action Figure" and "Nice Mare on Elm Street" and "Guitars on Mars" and "Out In The Garage" which got airtime on Dr. Demento recently.

A writer referred to my songs as Bullwinkle-esque, and I took that as a pretty nice thing to say.


John Boydston
Atlanta, Ga


(Hello, DeScopers! Sorry if you've received two -- gad, or more -- mailings of this. Here's a surprise: we're having mailing list mail problems. Aw, well . . .)

Sit back, deflate your shoes and get ready for the simulated exhilaration of

. . .

DeScope #13!


That's right, smoker, tokers, and DeScopers, after what seems like five months of waiting, waiting, waiting, and always - oh! So patiently! - the time has come to release to the world like a maurading hord of wind-up monkeys, it's the big, nasty, gnarly DeScope - A Cranky Journal of Themed Entertainment and Design, lucky number 13!

So, will it all have been worth the wait when next you dial up: ?

Hey, very likely (if all the reports of this being an age of lowered expectations is true, anyway). In this thrill, chill, and crankiness-filled issue, you will find:

A Conversation Between the Theme Park Business and the Museum Industry
By T. B. Hacker, LS/MFP

Is A Career in Themed Entertainment Right for YOU?
By Calaca Calavera

The DeScope Midway #13
By E "Eddy" Edwards

Isn't It Time For a New Attention-Grabbing Company Name?
By E "Eddy" Edwards

"Just the Usual Monkey Funeral Shot"

And of course the ever popular, ever annoying DeScope "Exit Through Retail Experience!"

So, why not dial up the latest issue of everybody's favorite cranky web site dedicated to themed entertainment and design (well, anyway, the most favorite one to be found at and have a look!

See you on the Funway!


-- E "Eddy" Edwards

DeScope -- A Cranky Journal of Themed Entertainment and Design


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