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Mr. Turczyn, your website has published the following:

"The Excursion is probably the least silly looking of our Bottom 5 contenders, sporting the most truck-like exterior. But it weighs 7,700 pounds. This bears repeating in a slow, hushed voice: seven thousand, seven hundred pounds. That's heavier than three Toyota Celicas combined. Do you really think you'll be bounding over sand dunes or tearing up mountain ridges while driving (perhaps "aiming" would be a more accurate term) the Ford Excursion? No. Here's what you'll be doing with your Ford Excursion: parking it at the mall and watching people's mouths flap open as they exclaim, "That's one big-ass truck!" Sure it's a lot of money for a vehicle you can barely drive, but you can't put a price on that kind of public adulation."

I would like to respectfully take exception to your opinion. You have clearly equated smaller as better when it comes to SUVs. Sometimes that's not best. I have four kids and we also need to tow things. There is only ONE vehicle on the market that lets you take up to eight people at once (more economical than driving two cars), take lots of stuff if you need to (won't fit into small cars no matter how few people), tow heavy trailers AND get good gas mileage. That vehicle is the PowerStroke diesel-powered Ford Excursion. My 2002 Excursion reliably gets 18 mpg on the highway solo, and gets 12 mpg towing a heavy trailer while full of the kids and their stuff. Now that sure isn't the mileage you will get with a hybrid vehicle, but no Toyota Prius, or two together, will ever be able to tow my trailer. By contrast, my 1992 Suburban with its smaller gas engine got worse mileage even though it was a lighter vehicle. Towing I got between 6-8.5 mpg. By upgrading to a diesel I am helping the environment by using less fuel than before. Plus, you get lots more diesel from a barrel of crude than you do premium gas (which you need when towing due to 'octane creep' as a gas motor gets older).

Some people need vehicles that are HEAVY DUTY and that can WORK. The Excursion is excellent at that.

Frankly, in my humble opinion, I think the U.S. would save LOTS more oil and better preserve the environment if we really, truly, pursued alternative energy sources for fixed installations like buildings. No one ever complains of the gas mileage of homes heated with fuel oil! What a shame! Vehicles need portable, powerful fuel. Buildings do not. If you wish to go on a rant, please do so about outdated buildings all over the US that leak energy like a sieve and burn petroleum when they could use other, alternative sources. How many millions of barrels of petroleum could be saved that way?

No one gasps at the sight of my Ford Excursion. It has about 70 percent common parts with the Super Duty pickup truck line, so coming down the road you can't tell which it is until you go by it. It maneuvers very well in tight spaces (you would be surprised, and obviously have never really driven one) and does much, much better than my 92 Suburban did in the parking lot. It comes with a 100,000-mile warranty on the engine and I intend to keep mine for ten years. No need to recycle my truck in a few years! Another contribution to the environment I will be making soon is to ensure that the house I am now building will be wired for solar power so that in a few years it will be easy and relatively inexpensive to add the solar arrays. You should check out Mother Earth News for some excellent information about solar.

Ford did a terrible job marketing this truck. It should have been named the Super Duty Crew Wagon instead of giving it another Soccermommobile name. They should also make the diesel engine standard, not an option. After the hit from the media, they wimped out and haven't marketed it at all. Too bad. It is a unique vehicle that does things that no other vehicle out there is capable of doing. They have a new smaller, more efficient diesel engine out this year in the Super Duty trucks and the Excursions. Folks are getting more than 20 mpg solo and about 14 mpg towing with their brand new Excursions. Pretty good for a vehicle that will tow 12,000 lbs., hold up to 9 people and get 20+ mpg solo.

Hope this was informative and useful to you. I never intended to become a passionate Excursion owner, but it was the only thing out there that could do what I need.

Thanks for reading.

Gary Shrout
(E-mail address withheld)



Hello, I found your page interesting, and agreed with most of it.

I have, however, been using a Flowbee to cut my hair for about 10 years and while I need to look in a mirror while doing it, I figure I have saved thousands of dollars on haircuts from a barbershop.


Chuck Sanders
(E-mail address withheld)



I want to defend the Copy-Tot kit.

When my daughter was born in 1985, the brochure was in my "goodie bag" from the hospital. I ordered one and it was the best purchase i have ever made. 2 years later i ordered another one for my 2nd child. These kits REALLY work, and i could send a picture to prove it!!! It shows detail of their toenails & wrinkles & everything. I was doing a search to see if they are still sold when i came across this site. But i just wanted to say that if they were still being made, it would be well worth it to buy.

Joan Appel
Atlanta, GA
(E-mail address withheld)



Greetings from the great state of Texas. So glad to see that the normal tidal wave of bad taste continues to meet with intelligent opposition. I logged on while looking for info (which I would have read with righteous glee) re: Thomas Kincaid's recent legal problems, and discovered feedback from other like-minded souls. It's lovely to have an online gathering place for the curmudgeons of the world, where they (we) may air our offended sensibilities.


(E-mail address withheld)

Alas, the PopCult discussion boards are no more… mainly because nobody was really using them. Although 75 brave individuals registered for it, none of them apparently had anything to say. So, after a pathetic year or so of little discourse, I finally pulled the plug. PopCult now offers the newer, and much more exciting weblog, Stuff Worth Investigating, which also offers the opportunity for commentary.



Just wanted to drop a line saying that you were a little ahead of the curve by knowing that that brain-dead movie reviewer, Sandie Newton, is a suck-ass, as I didn't know who she was until I read that Gigli is really supposed to be "Sexy and Fun."

It is really astonishing what people will do these days...


Grant Canada,
(E-mail address withheld)



Wow what a website.... I got up early this morning and decided to mess around this morning until I really needed to get busy.... came across your website... three hours later I am still having.... but also getting none of my planned chores done....

Thank you for such a neat place...

(E-mail address withheld)



While waiting to get on a plane in DFW in the early '90s, I saw Robert Tilton boarding the plane ahead of me with no carry-on luggage at all, in a polo shirt and slacks. As I walked down the aisle to be seated, there was Tilton ensconced in first class, browsing through an "American Way" magazine. He seemed quite absorbed; maybe he was checking out the "Sky Mall" section.

Mike Ransom

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